A just beginning


Live freely as a dandelion

Many of you might wonder whether I don’t know the difference between ”rights” and ”writes.” Many of you might enjoy the wordplay. But how can you?

What lies deep within my heart is a burning desire for contributing to a just and better society; a raging desire for justice to prevail in any and all ways possible, and an intense yearning for all individuals to become content with themselves. Why? Because I believe every individual being – from fauna to flora – is deserving of his/her own greatest trip on earth. I believe that all individuals’ fundamental rights should be respected and promoted, and I hereby include people convicted of horror crimes, people suffering from mental/physical illnesses, and every other individual that has ever felt excluded from society, because of whatever it is that makes them different that is not on par with societal standards.

I believe that all individual rights should be respected, and most of all, children’s rights.

If you have yet to figure out what is it I do, I am a social worker. It saddens me that whenever I tell people what profession I am in, they all respond the same way. “Oh wow, I would never be able to do what you do,” or, “sho, that must be difficult.” Still, few of them know what we actually do. If you are one of the shy ones, not wanting to ask what it is that we do (I am a designated social worker, or internationally called a child protection social worker): I protect and promote the rights of children. Fortunately in South Africa, due to the substantial shortage of social workers that want to do field work, then adding the ever-increasing problems stemming out of South Africa’s unstable social, economic and political spheres, I deal with plenty more than just children’s rights.

I’m writing this blog, because while I am still in bed, surrounded by my lovely cat, dog and a bag of Flings, supposed to be finishing off a children’s court report for early next week, I first and foremostly NEED to start getting the word out


I want to use this blog as a platform for genuinely motivating the young generation of today, keeping in mind the bullying of children in schools and outside, and of course on social media.  Society, and with no thanks to social media, is becoming all the more self-centered, pretentious and downright disgusting.  All because you deviate from what society thinks is best.

Don’t give up hope. Don’t loose sight from Him who has put you on earth for a reason. You are unique, and perfect. Just be you. Be golden.